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Do I Need A Service?

While regular riders will know that their bike works better with regular maintenance, we recognise that for casual cyclists a full service every six months is neither economic nor necessary as long as the rider pays attention to simple maintenance. After a bike has been stored over winter or any time there is an unexplained squeak or clonk, then it is worth having a basic service and diagnosis of any potential faults. If you have had a fall or your bike has become extremely wet (through a deep ford perhaps) and muddy, then it will pay to have some preventative maintenance. If you are unsure about any aspect of bike maintenance, get in touch - we will be happy to advise you by phone, text or email.


We have a menu of prices to give you a guide, but we must emphasise that without seeing the bicycle it is not possible to give a firm estimate. We will always confirm any work to be done - so no surprise bills when we return your bike.


We stock a range of useful accessories: pumps, helmets, lights and mirrors, all at reasonable prices. If there is anything you want, let us know when we pick up your bike, or give us a call and we can drop them off locally at a mutually convenient time - and you can always view before you buy.


We normally will take payment by card (no surcharges) or cash on return of your bike, preferably in person on our mobile terminal. If we have made a special arrangement, we can also accept payments by online banking, but these need to clear before the return of the bike (usually a couple of hours is sufficient).

Do I need to hang around while you work?

Generally, we will bring the bikes back to our modern workshop where we have access to manufacturers' technical information, but for small jobs further from base we can work at your home if it suits each of us.

What guarantee do you give?

We guarantee all our work with our Common Sense warranty. You expect a job to be done properly and our parts to be suitable for the job and last a reasonable amount of time, as is your right. Therefore if there is any aspect you are unhappy about, then get in touch and we will discuss how to resolve your issue amicably. Similarly, we would not expect you to ask us to be responsible for damage caused by accidents, carelessness and off-road excursions.

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