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Phone: 01564 781800

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Email: mike@spennycycles.co.uk

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Spenny Cycles provides for the local need for cycle repairs in an area where it is so easy to get out into the countryside for pleasure, as well as an increasing demand for cycling to work.

Our staff are Cytech certified and have the best tooling in the cycle industry to ensure that all servicing and repairs are done to the highest standard.

Spenny Cycles recognises that it can be a nuisance getting your poorly bicycle to a shop even if only considering the travelling time and arranging space in the car so they can either repair at your house or back at the workshop.

Bicycles are notorious adventures in determining spares and repairs, so Spenny Cycles has partnered with Cycle Tech, a national group of mobile cycle mechanics, who have many years of experience amongst them and provide a great team. Special thanks go to Martin Wilkins of CycleTech for his support.